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Instantly Access The First And Only VTU Portal Creator Software That AllowsYou To SetUp Automated VTU Portal In Less Than 50 Seconds!

No Coding Needed… It’s as easy as Uploading File To Your Host

VPC Allows you to easily:

  • 1​Create VTU Portal That dispense AIRTIME of all network automatically
  • 2​Create Automated VTU portal that recharge DISCO’s prepaid and Post Paid Meters
  • 3​Create VTU Portal that dispense SME & Data of all network automatically
  • 4Create VTU Portal that automatically renew and activate TV Gateways e.g. Dstv, Gotv, Startimes etc
  • 5Create BULKSMS portal that send SMS to any phone anywhere in the world
  • 6Make Money setting up automated VTU portal for clients that are looking for this solution like crazy
  • 7Create Mini or Large Banking Application
  • 8Create Recharge Card Printing Portal

Access the BEST VTU Portal Creator Software EVER

For Only N1500,000 One-Time Payment

(EXTREMELY Time-Sensitive offer and can increase or expire at ANY time)


​Airtime Vending: If you create a VTU automated system using VTU Portal Creator software and may be you run a campaign for people to use your VTU system for Airtime Vending and let say, you have 1000 vtu user who buy 100 worth of airtime at a discount rate of 2% and you are retaining 2% per VTU vending on your portal, so in maths, this your 1000 clients are vending airtime  worth N100x1000=N100,000 and your are making N100,000/100=N1000x2=N2000 for each N100 airtime from 1000 client, if they are vending N200 each, you will be making N4000, if it is N500 vending per client, your profit will be N5000 daily. In a month your profit will be thus N60000, N120000, N150000 respectively . 

​Data Vending:If you create a VTU automated system using VTU Portal Creator software and may be you run a campaign for people to use your VTU system for ​Data Vending and let say, you have 500 ​Data Vendor user who buy ​1GB worth of ​MTN Data at a discount rate of N500​ and you are retaining ​N50 per ​Data vending on your portal, so in maths, this your 500 clients are vending ​Data  worth N500x500=N50,000 and your are making ​​500×50=N25000 for each 1GB ​Data from 500 client, if they are vending ​2GB each, you will be making N50000, if it is ​5GB vending per client, your profit will be N125000 daily. In a month your profit will be thus N750000, N1500000, N3750000 respectively .


​Demand for Automated VTU Portal Is High Right Now

The well known way of loading a phone with airtime credit is by buying aPaper or scratch card and then loading it on your phone with a USSD code.The other way is the digital method called Virtual Top Up (VTU), with VTU,the phone will be directly credited by the vendor and there will be no need forscratching a card or loading with USSD.

The buyer will just receive an alert that his phone has been topped up.

Virtual Top Up therefore is a digital way of selling airtime credit automatically.

Telecoms is now focusing on Virtual Top Up than logical sales (Paper recharge)Quickteller is the biggest airtime dealer in Virtual Top Up, doing over N3 billion every month.Super Dealers of GSM Networks retain 1% commission on recharge cards sold while Quickteller retains 5%.

With the current government policy that’s clamping down on petty businesses settings along the streets, small business owners are finding it more profitable and safer to have their business setup online.

This paradigm shift has invariably shoot the demand for automated VTU portal to a great height and this translates to bigger income for website designers.

Virtual Topup Business is an outstanding Business with a high return, even the Commercial Banks will not give you this kind of commission as Interest on your Savings. And the beautiful thing about this new business model is that it runs on autopilot.This simply means that the system will collect payment from the customer,send the airtime to the user and credit the money collected into your bank accountwhile you are busy with your other activities.

Creating Automated Portal That dispense VTU Airtime, Bill Payment, TV Payment, SME Data,Bank Transfer,Recharge Card Printing Portal has NEVER Been Easier! Hiring a good developer that can build VTU application will cost you heavily and you may be faced with Bugs at the end or even manual VTU Technology.  

But We’ve Made it as Simple as Following 5 Simple Steps:

Download a ​File

Download VTU Portal Creator Software instantly with just a click

Upload To Your Host

Upload the software to your web hosting space. The File is so light such that it would cost you less data

Launch Your Portal

Launch your automated VTU portal in less than 60 seconds

Start Selling VTU

Start earning selling VTU products like Quickteller, Opay, Paga etc

​start Scaling the Business

​start building your customer base and watch how you make millions within weeks

​Using VTU Portal Creator SoftwareThese Portal Were Created In Minutes…

VTU Portal Creator  Has Loads of Powerful Features!

Explore an amazing features that made VTU Portal Creator special.

A Responsive Customer Dashboard

VTU Portal Creator has a robust and very responsive dashboard that’s easy to navigate.

​Material Admin Dashboard

VTU Portal Creator has a robust and very responsive material dashboard that’s easy to navigate for admin and user 

Automated Payment System

VTU Portal creator has a very flexible payment system with instant wallet credit. It integrates with the best payment gateway such as Paystack, Flutterwave. Received payment are automatically transferred to bank account.

Modern Reseller Sale System Integration

VTU Portal Creator come with a unique reseller sale  system that let you recruit resellers under your brand. You can charge extra fee to your resellers and keep 100% profit. With this, making money won’t be your problem again as you have a high ​converting  reseller script under your belt ready to make you some kash.  

Secured API System

VTU Portal Creator has flexible API that will enable other platform owners connect and resell VTU products with you. This feature set you apart as a complete VAS provider. This is gold mine if you are targeting developers who want to connect with your VTU portal remotely using your API interface. 

Robust Admin System

VTU Portal Creator has a robust admin system that enable you to take full control of all activities on your portal. You can create, Delete, activate and block account etc.

That’s Cool… But What Else Can VTU Portal Creator Do?

There are other amazing features you will discover when you get VTU Portal Creator.

Be Your Own Boss

Start your own business selling most widely used product ever in Nigeria (Mobile recharge).

Boost Your Income

If you know how to upload file to web hosting server, you generate huge income setting up VTU Portal for numerous clients looking for this solution.

Empower Others

With VTU portal Creator, you can empower other people legitimately by setting up unlimited VTU portal site for other people who are looking for this kind of Business opportunity 

​247 Income system  

​Since your VTU portal run on a complete automation, it means you are practically making money every 24hours without any break. 


Instance 1


​​Best for Starter 



/​Onetime Billing 

  • Working time 24/7 all days support 
  • ​Free .com.ng Domain Name 
  • ​Encrypted Files
  • ​Install on ​one  Domain
  • ​​Script Download Access
  • ​No Cpanel Access
  • ​ Pre-Airtime, MTN SME Data, Direct Data Development
  • ​Admin Access

​Best for Investors & VTU Digital Marketer



/​Onetime Billing

  • Working time 24/7 all days Support 
  • ​One free .com.ng or.com Domain ​name  
  • Affiliate & API system
  • ​​Encrypted Files
  • ​​Install on unlimited Domain 
  • ​No License Issuing 
  • Free Android APP
  •  Extensive Admin training Video
  •  Free Replicated VPC landing Page
  • Free Access to VTU Portal Creator Sale Page Script, VTU Portal Creator Script
  • Cpanel and Admin Access
  •  Pre-Airtime and Data,TV Development

​Best for investors and Developers 



/​One Time billing

  • Working time 24/7 all days Support 
  • ​One Free .com.ng or .com domain name 
  • ​​Unencrypted Files
  • ​​Install on unlimited Domain 
  • ​Free License Issuing
  • Free Android APP & ​ Google Playstore App submission
  •  Extensive Admin Training Video
  • ​ Free Replicated VPC  Landing Page
  • Free Access to VTU Portal Creator Sale Page Script, VTU Portal Creator Script
  • Cpanel and Admin Access 
  • Pre-Airtime, Data, TV, Electricity, Educational Epin, Corperate MTN Data Gifting, Bank Transfer Development
  • ​ Affiliate Sale force Development System
  • VTU Project Clone App
  • ​One on One lecture
  • On API Training



Bank Name: ​​​​​Fidelity Bank

 Bank Account Name: ​​​Victoria O. Abasili

Account Number: ​​​​6052804334. 

We accept Mobile Bank Transfer, Direct Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or USSD Transfer. 

 After making your payment, kindly ​Send us your ​Package name, Full Name, Depositor Name, amount you paid, Date of payment, purpose of your payment to ​​+234​​9022824623as SMS or Whatsapp

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

​Try VTU Portal Creator Software ​TodayWe are so confident that you will absolutely love VTU Portal Creator that we are offering a full ​guarantee that the script we work as we have stated in this sale page.

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​Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • ​Do you Offer support
  • ​How Do I Get This Software?
  • ​Do I need ​programming ​

​Yes! Once you purchase VTU Portal creator from us, we will provide you all the necessary support you need to get your portal up and running in minutes whether you are setting up for yourself or your client. 

​Simply ​follow  the ​above payment method, then make payment using any of your preferred payment method. Provide a valid email address and phone number at the payment page. Once your payment is successful,  a download link will be send to your email and you can download VTU portal creator right away.

​NO.  You can easily setup VTU Portal with VTU Portal Creator so long as you can upload picture on facebook yourself. Everything is made ridiculously easy.

​Get VTU Portal Creator Software today, The Oil Telecom Wealth

Get ​the VTU Portal Creator APP today and Become financially free for life. 

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